Poseidon (Warner Bros.) – Principal Dancer
Otherwise Engaged – Dancer
Strong Medicine (NBC-TV) – Asst. Choreographer/Dancer
Mrs. Harris (HBO) – Dancer
First Daughter (New Regency) – Dancer
Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney) – Dancer
Blind Date (UPN-TV) – Actor/Dance Teacher
Extreme Dating (UPN-TV) – Actor/Dance Teacher
Will and Grace (NBC-TV) – Asst. Choreographer
Triple Threat (Imagine Pictures) – Dancer
Dance With Me (Sony Pictures) – Dancer
Forever Tango (Julio Iglesias , Music Video) – Dancer
Professor Trance (Island Records, Music Video) – Dancer
Michelle Kwan, Salute to Disney (ABC) – Dancer
Wasteland (ABC-TV) – Dancer
The Young and the Restless (CBS-TV) – Dancer

Dance Performance
The Live Lawrence Welk Tour (Rocklands Entertainment) – Dancer/Singer
That’s Dancing (Crystal Cruise Lines) – Ballroom Dancer
Tango Fiesta (Wilshire Theatre) – Tango Dancer
Latin Fantasy (Warner Bros. Fall 2002 Launch Party) – Dancer

Professional Championships
Rising Star Rhythm & Smooth Star Ball
Grand Finalists “Nine Dance” Champions
Professional Grand Finalists Cabaret Champions
United States Ballroom Championships Miami & New York
Le Classic de Quebec, Montreal, Canada, Champions



A native of Moscow, Natalia studied ballet and classical piano as a child and pursued her love of the arts at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, where she received an MFA with honors. Her studies there encompassed intensive training in voice, theatre, and dance. After graduation, she danced professionally in Moscow before touring the world as a performer. (more…)


Alicia has been involved as a professional in Ballroom and Latin Dance for over 20 years. She is a United States National champion in American-style Latin-rhythm dance, Theatrical Showdance, International-Latin dance and World Salsa Champion. She has been awarded as a top female instructor and Pro-Am competitor with the United States Dancesport Association. As a performer, she has worked with the ‘greats’ of Ballroom dancing such as Mary Murphy, Louis Van Amstel, Shirley and Corky Ballas, Donny Burns and Gainer Fairweather.

In addition to her experience in performance, Alicia’s chorography has been seen in film, TV, and music video such as Fox’s “Night of the Headless Horseman”, “Dancing with the Stars”, HD Net’s “Svetlana”, Oxygen Network’s “Dance Your Ass Off”, and Robin Thicke’s “Dreamworld” as well as others.

Alicia’s passion for dancing and instruction are awarded and regarded within the dance society. Whether the impact is great or small, she perseveres to connect with the pupil and audience, embody the organic essence of the dance and music, and do so with simplicity and clarity.

  Click here for a list of Alicia's professional credits.